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Z100 may refer to:

Radio, in the United States of America[edit]

Current stations[edit]

  • KKRZ-FM 100.3 in Portland, Oregon
  • KZOQ-FM 100.1 in Missoula, Montana
  • KZRO-FM 100.1 in Mount Shasta, California, a station also known as “The Z-Channel”
  • WBIZ-FM 100.7 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • WDZN-FM 99.5 in Midland/Cumberland, Maryland
  • WHTZ-FM 100.3 in Newark (New Jersey) and New York City

Former Stations[edit]

  • Z100 Internet, an Internet-only radio station from Buffalo, New York.
  • Z100, the former moniker for KLRZ 100.3 in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Z100, the moniker for the defunct WKSZ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose frequency was succeeded by Y100 and is now occupied by Old School 100.3 WRNB.
  • Z100, the former moniker for WRFX in the Charlotte, North Carolina market


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