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Z1 Boat is a brand of luxury yacht tender manufactured in the United States. Most notably, the 23 foot sportsboat, with a V-hull design made of fiberglass or Carbon / Kevlar laminate schedule, with an inboard motor, foot controls, and side steering console. The speedboats are manufactured by Z1 Boats, Inc.


It is used for sport fishing, water skiing, as a runabout, as a tender on luxury yachts and as a high performance sport boat.


Z1 boats were originally manufactured in Florida. The boats are equipped with very powerful Mercury Marine engines, and Bravo series sterndrive.

  • All modern boats under twenty feet manufactured for sale in the United States are required by law to have positive flotation so that a completely swamped boat will still float.[1]

Current models[edit]

The current production model is the twenty-three foot, Luxury yacht tender, winner of the 2003 Miami International Boat Show sexiest boat award.[2]

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