Zaboršt pri Dolu

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Zaboršt pri Dolu
Zaboršt pri Dolu is located in Slovenia
Zaboršt pri Dolu
Zaboršt pri Dolu
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°5′29.25″N 14°37′57.81″E / 46.0914583°N 14.6327250°E / 46.0914583; 14.6327250Coordinates: 46°5′29.25″N 14°37′57.81″E / 46.0914583°N 14.6327250°E / 46.0914583; 14.6327250
Country Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional region Upper Carniola
Statistical region Central Slovenia
Municipality Dol pri Ljubljani
 • Total 1.78 km2 (0.69 sq mi)
Elevation 281.6 m (923.9 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Total 273

Zaboršt pri Dolu (pronounced [zaˈbɔɾʃt pɾi ˈdoːlu]) is a settlement in the Municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.[2]


The name of the settlement was changed from Zaboršt to Zaboršt pri Dolu in 1953.[3]


The local church is dedicated to Saint Catherine. A fragment of a fresco of Saint Christopher is preserved on its southern exterior wall, dating to the early 15th century. The church was rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries. The belfry dates to 1689.[4]


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