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Zaklonišče Prepeva in concert

Zaklonišče Prepeva (Air-raid Shelter Singing) is a Slovenian rock band from Nova Gorica. Most of their lyrics are in Serbo-Croatian with certain amount of yugo-nostalgia.

They published their first album, Nešto kao Džimi Hendrix (Something like Jimi Hendrix) in 1996.

Their third album, Glasajte za nas (Vote for us), was controversial as the television video for the song Vote for us was banned prior to Slovenian elections in 2000. The reasoning was that their fictional candidate, Kradimir Pendreković (Thief Nightstick) might have resembled some real candidates.


  • Nešto kao Džimi Hendrix, Shelter Records/Panika 1996
  • Novo vreme - stare dileme, Shelter Records/NIKA 1998
  • Glasajte za nas, Shelter Records/NIKA 1999
  • Odoh majko u rokere, Nika Records, 2001
  • Sellam Alejkum, Menart Records, 2004
  • Bolje ne bo nikoli, Lip Art, 2009
  • Samo da prođe demokratija, Lip Art, 2014

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