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Zara Giles (born Glover on 24 January 1982 in Preston in Lancashire), is one of England's and the world's leading Ten-pin bowlers. She is a world champion bowler and a bowling tutor for Brunswick Bowling Academies across Europe. She currently lives in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. She is also one of the UKs top female ten-pin bowlers.

Zara's Achievements

  • 2007 World Ranking Masters Runner-up - Florida, U.S.
  • 2006 San Marino Open Champion - 2nd Title defended successfully in 2006
  • 2006 Indonesian Open Champion – Title defended successfully
  • 2005 European Ladies Masters Champion, Barcelona
  • 2005 San Marino Open Champion
  • 2005 Indonesian Open Champion, Jakarta
  • 2005 World Games Singles Silver Medallist - Müllheim, Germany
  • 2004 World Tenpin Team Cup Gold Medallist - Hoofddorp, Netherlands
  • 2004 European Tenpin Team Cup Gold Medallist - Norwich, England
  • 2004 Oltremare Naples Champion, Italy
  • 2003 World Tenpin Team Cup Gold Medallist - Odense, Denmark
  • 2003 Singles, Doubles & All-events World Champion - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2002 World Youth Championships Team Gold Medallist - Pattaya, Thailand
  • 2002 European Tenpin Team Cup Bronze Medallist - Müllheim, Germany
  • 2001 Trios European Champion and Masters Silver Medallist, Aalborg, Denmark
  • 2000 World Youth Championships Doubles Gold Medallist - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Numerous Youth Titles

Zara played in the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 World Tenpin Masters.

She has said that she really enjoyed it so kept pestering her parents to take her all the time. Zara's nan bought her a bowling ball for Christmas that year and a Pro Shop operator recommended that she join the Youth Bowling Club so she went along on a Saturday morning and the rest was set in stone

Zara started playing in tournaments at the age of 12 and made the England youth team at 14 years old.

Her first tournament was in 1994 in the London Borough of Enfield with the National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs who hold a National Championship every year. It is said to now be the biggest tournament in Europe, running over 5 weekends.

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