Zaragoza (Monterrey Metro)

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General I. Zaragoza
Mty 171.jpg
Location Monterrey
Nuevo León, Mexico
Coordinates 25°40′04″N 100°18′37″W / 25.66778°N 100.31028°W / 25.66778; -100.31028Coordinates: 25°40′04″N 100°18′37″W / 25.66778°N 100.31028°W / 25.66778; -100.31028
Operated by STC Metrorrey
Opened November 30, 1994[1]
Preceding station   Monterrey Metro   Following station
toward Sendero
Line 2 Terminus
Zaragoza Station logo

The Zaragoza station (Spanish: Estación General I. Zaragoza or Terminal Zaragoza) is a station on Line 2 of the Monterrey Metro. It is located in Monterrey, on the heart of the Macroplaza. It was opened in 1994 and serves as the southern terminus of the line.[1]

This station serves the heart of the Monterrey shopping district. It is one block away from Morelos Street, and Monterrey's Zona Rosa, MARCO museum and the Monterrey City Hall. It is accessible for people with disabilities.

It is named after General Ignacio Zaragoza and the nearby Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza. The station logo depicts this Mexican military genius – the hero of the Battle of Puebla – astride his horse.

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