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Zardi's (also Zardi's Jazzland) was a venue for jazz music in Los Angeles, from the beginning of the 1950s to 1957.

Zardi's was located on Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood and Vine district.[1] Well-known musicians such as Bob Brookmeyer,[2] Stan Getz,[3] Jimmy Giuffre,[2] Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum,[1] and Cal Tjader, whose concert at Zardi's was discussed in the 1956 Down Beat, played there at the beginning of the 1950s.[4] Regular guests included, among others, the young composer La Monte Young.[5] In the course of its existence concerts at Zardi's were recorded by Oscar Peterson, Sarah Vaughan, Earl Bostic and Buddy DeFranco.[6] Herb Geller dedicated his composition Tardi for Zardi's, based on the chord progressions of All God's Children Got Rhythm, to the club.[7] In early 1956, there was a live weekly television series entitled Tonight at Zardi's, which began with a concert by the Stan Kenton Orchestra.[8] In the mid-1950s a number of jazz clubs in Los Angeles, including The Haig[9] and the Tiffany Club,[10] opened near Zardi's.


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