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Zebra Books
Parent company Kensington Books
Founded 1975
Founder Walter Zacharius and Roberta Bender Grossman
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Books
Fiction genres historical romance, romance, western, horror, humor
Imprints Zebra Regency Romance (1985–2005)

Zebra Books is an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp., which publishes over 500 books annually in most fiction and non-fiction genres. Zebra Books, the company's flagship imprint, is primarily made up of a large number of historical romance titles, though the list also includes one or two lead contemporary romances, westerns, horror, and humor.[1] Zebra Books was founded in 1975 by Walter Zacharius (1923–2011)[2] and Roberta Bender Grossman (1946–1992). Between 1975 and 1985, Grossman expanded the company's range of titles from historical romances to both paperback and hard-cover novels and general nonfiction.[3]

Zebra Books began publishing traditional Regency romance novels in 1985, classified as Zebra Regency Romance novels. Zebra Books generally issued an average of four books each month, though the number varied, with Zebra sometimes issuing up to eight novels in one month. Zebra Books eventually discontinued its traditional Regency line in October 2005.[4]

Notable authors who wrote for the Zebra Regency romance line included Kathleen Baldwin, Meredith Bond,[5] Madeleine Conway, Shannon Donnelly, Jo Ann Ferguson, Maggie MacKeever, Julia Parks, Cynthia Pratt, and Debbie Raleigh.


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