Zeebo Sports

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Boomerang Sports
Genres Sport
Developers Tectoy Digital
Publishers Tectoy and Zeebo Inc.
Platform of origin Zeebo

Zeebo Sports is a Brazil-only[1] series of videogames for the Zeebo system.

The series was originally named Boomerang Sports, because the games were designed exclusively for use with Zeebo's "Boomerang" motion-sensitive controller. In August 2010, however, Zeebo released new versions of the games that can use either the Boomerang or the standard Zeebo gamepad. The series was renamed Zeebo Sports.[2][3]

The games[edit]


Title Details

October 15, 2009 (Brazil) – Zeebo-only
  • The first game of the series and also the first Zeebo game use the Boomerang. Zeebo Sports Tênis is a tennis game playable by one or two players.

December 14, 2009 (Brazil) – Zeebo-only
  • The second in the series, a volleyball game for one or two players.

February, 2010 (Brazil) – Zeebo-only
  • The third title in the series, a dodgeball game for one or two players.

May 11, 2010 (Brazil) – Zeebo-only
  • The fourth in the series, a badminton-style game for one or two players.


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