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Gender female
Word/name Arabic
Meaning beautiful and/or Flower

The female given name Zahra is a common name which corresponds to three different, though related, meaning depending on the country it is being called.

  • Arabic: زهراء‎‎, pronounced Zahra', meaning beautiful, bright, shining and brilliant.
  • Arabic: زهرة, pronounced Zahrah, meaning flower, blossom, or beauty.[1][2]
  • Persian: زهرا‎‎, pronounced Zahra, is a further spelling variant, meaning sparklingly bright and beautiful.

The Ottoman empire have expanded the use of this name to countries like Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and also name was popularized by the Persian empire influence in the Indian subcontinent, respectively. Zahra is also used as a surname, particularly in Malta.

The names are difficult to distinguish in transliteration, and may be transliterated in various ways, such as Zehra, Zahra(h), Zara, andZohre

The names may apply to the following.

Female given name[edit]







Part of the female given name Fatimah Zahra[edit]

Arabic calligraphy reading Fatimah az-Zahra.

Fatimah was the daughter of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and is greatly revered by Muslims, often under the extended name Fatimah az-Zahra' , الزهراء فاطمة, or Fatimah Zahra' , فاطمة زهراء. This has then been used as a female given name as follows.

Male given name[edit]


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