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The VHS for Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid, A.K.A. Zeisters
Directed by John Golden
Produced by Emily Dillon
Written by John Golden
Roger Golden
Starring Mark Alfred
Joan Allen
Ted Bardi
Craig Barnett
Josh Blake
Music by Leo Kottke
Cinematography John Drake
Edited by Jeffrey Wolf
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
Running time
78 min.
Country U.S.
Language English

Zeisters, also known as Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid, is a 1986 comedy film produced by Troma Entertainment. Troma was originally set to title the film Fat Boy Goes Nutzoid, but, at the request of the lawyers of the hip-hop group The Fat Boys, it was changed to Fat Guy. It is directed by John Golden, stars Joan Allen, and features original music by Leo Kottke.

The plot revolves around two brothers who befriend an escaped mental patient (the titular “fat guy”) and accompany him on his misadventures in the big city.

The film is one of the most popular movies in the Troma library, mainly because of its offbeat title. According to the video box, Barry Nolan of Hard Copy states that this is his favorite Troma movie.

Popular culture[edit]

  • The film was referenced in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, Attack of the Giant Leeches: when a rather portly character in the film brandishes a rifle, one of the robots muses “Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid!: a Troma presentation.” Not-so-coincidentally, two of the writers/stars of MST3K made 1987’s Blood Hook, which was distributed by Troma.

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