Allancastria cerisyi

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Allancastria cerisyi
Allancastria cerisyi.jpg
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Allancastria cerisyi
Godart, 1824
  • Zerynthia cerisy

Allancastria cerisyi, the eastern festoon, is an Old World papilionid butterfly whose geographical range extends from the Balkans to include Turkey and the near Middle East. It exhibits several geographical variants.

It is named for Alexandre Louis Lefèbvre de Cérisy.

The wingspan is 52–62 millimetres (2.0–2.4 in). The butterfly flies from March to July depending on the location.

The larvae feed on various Aristolochia species.


Allancastria cerisyi (Godart, 1824)

  • Thais cerisyi Godart, 1824; Ency. Methodique 9: 812
  • Thais cerisy Godart, 1822; Mém. Soc. linn. Paris 2: 234, pl. 20, f. 3-4

Allancastria cerisyi cerisyi

  • Thais cerisyi martini Fruhstorfer, 1906 Soc. Ent. 21 (19): 147, Type locality Rhodos
  • martini Abadjiev, 2002, Neue Ent. Nachr. 23: 8
  • A. c. dalmacijae Sala & Bollino, 1994 Dalmatia (Makarska) Type Locality Makarska, Dalmatia, Croatia
  • A. c. huberi Sala & Bollino, 1994 N.Greece Type locality Greece, Florina
  • A. c. ferdinandi Stichel, 1907 Albania Bulgaria Type locality Bulgaria
  • A. c. mihljevici Sijaric, 1990 Hercegowina Type locality Hercegovina
A. c. ferdinandi Stichel, 1907
var flavomaculata Verity
(Top specimen upperside,
Bottom specimen underside).


  • Sala, G., Bollino, M., 1994. Allancastria cerisyi Godart, 1822 in the Balkans: new subspecies and critical notes on the existing populations (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae). Atalanta (Würzburg) 25: 151-160, Plates II, III.


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