Zhao Yong

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Zhao Yong, A Ride in Spring, National Palace Museum, Taipei
This article is about the artist. For the politician, see Zhao Yong (politician).

Zhao Yong (simplified Chinese: 赵雍; traditional Chinese: 趙雍; pinyin: Zhào Yōng; Wade–Giles: Chao Yung; style name Zhongmu (仲穆); 1289 – c. 1360), was a noted Chinese painter, calligrapher, and poet in the Yuan Dynasty. A native of Wuxing (吳興, now Huzhou (湖州) in Zhejiang Province), he was the second son of Zhao Mengfu.[1] Zhao was a descendant of the Song Imperial family, the House of Zhao.

Zhao became a high official with his father's assistance. Following the style of Dong Yuan and Li Cheng, he had a talent for painting human figures, landscapes, and horses with saddle.


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