Zhongshan Elementary School Station

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Zhongshan Elementary School
Taipei Metro
Platform in Zhongshan Elementary School Station.JPG
Zhongshan Elementary School Station Platform
Other names Qingguang Commercial Zone; 晴光商圈
Location B1, No. 71, Sec. 1, Minquan E. Rd.
Zhongshan, Taipei
Operated by
Connections Bus stop
Structure type Underground
Opened November 3, 2010
Passengers 31,541 daily (2016)[1]
(Ranked 48th of 109)
Zhongshan Elementary School Station
Traditional Chinese 中山國小站
Simplified Chinese 中山国小站

The Taipei Metro Zhongshan Elementary School Station is a station on the Xinzhuang Line located in Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan. The station opened for service on November 3, 2010.

Station overview[edit]

This two-level, underground station has an island platform.[2] It is located beneath the intersection of Minquan West Rd. and Linsen North Rd. and is opened on November 3, 2010 with the opening of the Luzhou Branch Line and the Taipei City section of the Xinzhuang Line.[3][4]


Excavation depth for this station is around 19 meters. It is 160 meters in length and 23 meters wide. It has four entrances, one accessibility elevator, and two vent shafts.[3] It is equipped with platform screen doors.

Station layout[edit]

Zhongshan Elementary School Station Exit 4.
Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B1 Concourse Lobby, information desk, ticket machines, one-way faregates
B2 Platform 1 Taipei Metro Line O.svg Zhonghe–Xinlu Line toward Luzhou/ Huilong (Minquan West Road)
Island platform, doors open on the left
Platform 2 Taipei Metro Line O.svg Zhonghe–Xinlu Line toward Nanshijiao (Xingtian Temple)


  • Exit 1: Linsen N. Rd.
  • Exit 2: Xinxing Junior High School
  • Exit 3: Xinsheng N. Rd.
  • Exit 4: Zhongshan Elementary School With accessibility elevator.

Around the station[edit]

Preceding station   Taipei Metro   Following station
toward Huilong or Luzhou
Taipei Metro Line O.svg Zhonghe–Xinlu Line
toward Nanshijiao
toward Luzhou
Taipei Metro Line O.svg Zhonghe–Xinlu Line
toward Nanshijiao


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Coordinates: 25°03′46″N 121°31′36″E / 25.062689°N 121.526572°E / 25.062689; 121.526572