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Zib can be:

  • Lukas Zib (born 1977), Czech ice hockey player
  • Tomáš Zíb (born 1976), Czech tennis player
  • ZIB, one of the Soviet space dogs, a passenger on a sub-orbital flight in 1951
  • an alternate transliteration of Ziv, early Hebrew Bible name of the Hebrew calendar month Iyar
  • an alternate transliteration for al-Zeeb, a Palestinian village depopulated in the lead up to and during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War
  • Zuse Institute Berlin, a research institute for applied mathematics and computer science
  • ZiB or Zebibyte, a large unit of digital information storage
  • Zib or Zebibit, a unit of digital information storage
  • Zeit im Bild, an Austrian new television series on ORF eins/ORF 2