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Zipgun 1992 (l to r) Dan Cunneen, Neil Rogers, Mark Wooten, Robb Clarke
Background information
Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1991–1994
Labels Empty, Thrill Jockey, Rekkids, Musical Tragedies
Associated acts Final Warning, Lew Jones, The Obituaries, Derelicts, Nightcaps, PCBs, Sugarsmacks, The Burns, Glazed, RC5
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Zipgun was a punk rock band from Seattle Washington active from 1991 to 1994. The original founding members were: guitarist Neil Rogers (The Derelicts, Glazed), singer Robb Clarke (Trids, RC5,The Burnz), bassist Mark Wooten (The Zanny Guys, Noble Firs) and drummer Dan Cunneen (Final Warning, The Obituaries, Nightcaps, Sugarsmacks).


Zipgun was formed and led by Neil Rogers, who had previously played guitar for Sub Pop recording artists The Derelicts.

In 1993, Mark Wooten quit the band and was replaced by bassist Andy Sheen. In late 1993 Sheen quit the band and was replaced by former Derelicts bassist Ian Dunsmore. Zipgun broke up in 1994.

Zipgun reunited in 1996 for a single show in Seattle with original bassist, Mark Wooten.


While Zipgun hailed from Seattle during the mid-1990s, their music is not considered Grunge. Zipgun was one of a number of Seattle bands that eschewed the prevailing musical trend, instead choosing to play less commercial punk rock. Other Seattle bands sharing the same philosophy during the era include: Gas Huffer, Supersuckers, The Gits, and Coffin Break.

The band was known for their "punk and roll" sound, which is characterized by its raw energy and power - delivered at slightly slower tempos than typical American hardcore.

Zipgun was also known for their unpredictable stage performances and sometimes volatile interaction between singer Robb Clarke and guitarist Neil Rogers. (For instance, at their alcohol fueled debut show at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe, Rogers famously broke his Gibson SG guitar over Clarke's back.)


Zipgun released three singles and two full-length albums on Pacific Northwest independent record label, Empty Records and several other singles on various labels. The band toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada and appeared in the Doug Pray film Hype!, a documentary chronicling the 1990s Seattle Grunge music scene.

Currently, Clarke continues to play and record with Seattle Punk veterans The Burnz.


  • 1991 Together Dumb/Cool in the Cell (single) Empty Records
  • 1991 Ten (one sided promo single) Empty Records
  • 1992 8 Track Player (CD/LP) Empty Records
  • 1992 The End/Nothing Cures (single) Musical Tragedies
  • 1993 Put Me Away (split single w/ Derelicts) Rekkids
  • 1993 Baltimore (CD/LP) Empty Records
  • 1994 I Can't Wait/Tight Black Pants (single) Thrill Jockey Records

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