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Zoe Ferraris.jpg
Ferraris in Saudi Arabia

Zoë Ferraris is an American novelist. She was born in Oklahoma. In 1991 she married a man from Saudi Arabia. She lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with her in-laws for nine months.[1] Her time in Saudi Arabia is the background for the three novels she has written.[2]


  • Finding Nouf (2008) follows main character Nayir ash-Sharqi, a Palestinian guide, as he attempts to solve the murder of a young girl. The girl went missing three days before what was to be her arranged marriage.[3] ISBN 978-0547237787 In the UK the book was published under the title "The night of the Mi'raj". ISBN 978-0349120324
  • City of Veils (2010) also features characters Nayir ash-Sharqi and Katya Hijazi, both featured in Finding Nouf. This time they are investigating the murder of a young woman whose body was discovered washed up on a beach. The victim, Leila Nawar, was a film-maker working on a subversive film about the Qur'an's origins. The Guardian critic and crime writer Laura Wilson recommended Ferraris's second novel as one of the best fiction books of 2010.[4] ISBN 9780316074278


In 2009, Ferraris won an Alex Award for Finding Nouf.[5]

Finding Nouf also won the 2008 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction category.[6]


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