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Zoe Wiseman (born 1970 in Marion, Indiana) is an American model and photographer known for her fine art nude photography, and is the web owner of Community Zoe and ARTnudes.com which deal specifically with fine art nude photography. Several photo books and magazines have showcased her photography.

Photo books and magazines[edit]

  • Passion and Desire (Edition Skylight 2005)
  • Fine Art Photo Magazine (Hillebrand 2004 & 2007)
  • Photo Art Magazine (2007)
  • DISCONTINUde (Blurb 2008)
  • "210 Photographers" (1X Publishing, Sweden)
  • Nudes Index II (Feierabend 2009)
  • "i spy with my plastic eye" (A&I December 2009)
  • "Fiat Lux" - Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman - (A&I February 2010)
  • "Le Nu" - Fine Art Nude Photography book (A&I May 2010)


Personal life[edit]

In the summer of 2007 Zoe Wiseman married her longtime boyfriend Charlie Clouser, one time band member of Nine Inch Nails who wrote the score for the Saw (film series) franchise and others such as Death Sentence (2007 film) starring Kevin Bacon.