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Place of originBelgium and Netherlands
Region or stateProvince of Limburg
Main ingredientsMeat (horse meat or beef), vinegar, apple syrup, gingerbread

Zoervleis or Zoervleisj (Limburgian for sour meat, in Dutch: Zuurvlees) is a regional meat dish from the Province of Limburg, a region split between the Netherlands and Belgium.

Zoervleis is similar to carbonade flamande and hachee and Germans might know it as Sauerbraten in some local variations. The sour refers to a process of marinading the meat, traditionally horse meat[1] but nowadays commonly beef, in vinegar. However, despite its name the dish is sweet due the vinegar being compensated for with apple syrup and Dutch gingerbread.

The dish is often accompanied by French fries.

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