Zolotoy Bridge

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Zolotoy Bridge
Золотой мост
Золотой мост, июль 2013.jpg
Coordinates 43°06′32″N 131°53′46″E / 43.10902°N 131.896058°E / 43.10902; 131.896058Coordinates: 43°06′32″N 131°53′46″E / 43.10902°N 131.896058°E / 43.10902; 131.896058
Carries 6 lanes
Crosses Zolotoy Rog
Locale Vladivostok, Russia
Other name(s) Golden Horn Bridge
Design Cable-stayed
Total length 1,388 metres (4,554 ft)
Height 226.25 metres (742.3 ft)
Longest span 737 metres (2,418 ft)
Load limit It can hold 35,000 tons of weight before collapsing
Clearance above 64.25 metres (210.8 ft)
Constructed by Norman foster
Construction start July 25th, 2008
Construction end August 11th, 2012

The Zolotoy Bridge (Russian: Золотой мост - Golden Bridge) is cable-stayed bridge across the Zolotoy Rog (Golden Horn) in Vladivostok, Russia. The Zolotoy Rog Bridge was one of two bridges along with the Russky Island Bridge built in preparation for the 2012 APEC summit. The bridge was commissioned by the city of Vladivostok in 2006, Construction of the bridge began on July 25th, 2008, and the bridge was officially opened on August 11th, 2012. It is considered the world's 12th longest cable-stayed bridge.[1]

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