Zomba Massif

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Mulunguzi dam seen from the east, during rainy season
Picnic area at Mulunguzi river entering Munlunguzi dam through Williams Falls, on Zomba Plateau
South-East view from the road going on Zomba Plateau

The Zomba Massif is a mountain of the Shire Highlands in southern Malawi. It is largely made up of syenite, but precious and semi-precious stones such as quartz can be found. Its peak is 2,087 metres high. It is notable as it is unique to the region. It occupies total area of about 130 square km. Most of the area is covered with pine trees, which have been planted for timber production for Zomba Sawmill which is located at the southern slopes of the mountain. Where indigenous trees are left, severe deforestation due to the high demand for firewood in the region is a problem. Fruits like strawberries, yellow-berries and blackberries are grown on the mountain for the local market. The Zomba Plateau is the region's major tourist attraction. Activities offered include hiking, horse riding, rock-climbing, fishing and mountain-biking. A paved all-weather road leads from Zomba on the Plateau. The Massif hosts several accommodations for tourists, such as the Sunbird KuChawe Inn and several camping grounds. Additionally, several companies and institutions, such as the CCAP Church, as well as private persons have cottages on the Plateau.

On clear days, Blantyre and the Mulanje Massif, which are both about 60 km away, can be seen. From the western edge of the Plateau, Shire River and Liwonde National Park can be seen.

In 2000, the Mulunguzi Dam was opened, which serves as a water reservoir for the City of Zomba.