Zombie Bike Ride

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Zombie Bike Ride 2014 - Key West, FL
Zombie Bike Ride 2014 - Key West, FL

The Zombie Bike Ride is a celebration of the bicycle on last week of October in Key West, Florida. Rock and roll, zombie bikes and costumes of all types and a one-mile leisurely ride along the Atlantic Ocean.[1]


The first Zombie Bike Ride was created in 2009 by the local WeCycle bike shop, three local businessmen, Marky Pierson of Wonderdog Productions and Evan Haskell & Chris Needham of WeCycle, organized the ride to celebrate the bicycle in a unique and intuitive way.[2] The Zombie Bike Ride was quickly growing, doubling with every year, from a couple hundred people to nearly 5,000 in 2013 and has escalated to 7,000 zombies in 2014.[3]

Participants of the Zombie Bike Ride wear everything from dead-like face and body-paint and gory zombie costumes to lively "walking dead" garb.[4]


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