Zombie Brigade

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Zombie Brigade
Directed by Carmelo Musca
Barrie Pattison
Produced by Carmelo Musca
Barrie Pattison
Written by Carmelo Musca
Barrie Pattison
Starring John Moore and Gerry Farron
Release date
Country Australia
Language English
Budget $855,000[1]

Zombie Brigade is a 1988 Australian film shot in Toodyay, Western Australia.[1]


In a small country town, Mayor Ransom buys up land to develop a theme park. Council officials blast a Vietnam War memorial, unleashing monsters.


The script was written originally by Barrie Pattison who brought it to Carmelo Musca, who liked the idea of doing a genre piece with some Social commentary. The state funding body Screen West refused to invest in the movie.[2]


According to the filmmakers, "the film made back money four or five times over for the investors".[2]


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