Zombie Night 2: Awakening

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Zombie Night
Zombie Night 2.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byDavid J. Francis
Produced by
  • David J. Francis
  • Mike Masters
Written byMike Masters
  • Sharon DeWitt
  • Kari Grace
  • Dan Rooney
Music byRoman Zebik
CinematographyRobert Scarborough
Edited byChris Bellio
Distributed byLast Call Productions
Release date
  • 28 October 2006 (2006-10-28)
Running time
90 minutes

Zombie Night 2: Awakening is a 2006 Canadian horror film directed by David J. Francis and starring Sharon DeWitt, Kari Grace, and Dan Rooney. It is a conceptual sequel to Zombie Night. It was followed in 2008 by Reel Zombies.


Mosquitoes spread a zombie plague, and humanity is devastated. Denied shelter with a heavily armed group of survivors, Keith and Shelley attempt to clear out a marina and use it to escape to a better location. Amid attacks by nocturnal zombies, the previous group begin to raid them for supplies.


  • Steve Curtis as Keith
  • Sharon DeWitt as Shelley
  • Dan Rooney as Basil
  • Maria Ibey as Candace
  • Kari Grace as Crystal
  • Johnny Paris as Derek
  • Bob Hillhouse as Pascal
  • Nick Smith as Saul
  • Lise Moule as Crazy
  • Sarah-Jean Villa as Vikki
  • Mark Parr as Logan
  • Dana McArdle as Eli
  • Jessica Pickles as Hailey
  • Tony Watt as Jay
  • David J. Francis as Father
  • Ryan Gallant as Zombie
  • John Bell as Andrew
  • Corey Clarke as James & Groom Zombie
  • Amanda Pauls as zombie with gash across face


Zombie Night 2: Awakening was filmed to the turn of the year in Deseronto, Ontario.[1] The budget was under $100,000.[2]


Susan Walker of The Toronto Star rated it 1.5/4 stars and wrote that it "might be enough to satisfy a loyal fan base" but is not a good film.[3] Ulises Silva of Quiet Earth rated it 4.5/10 stars and called it "a suspense-less, ineffective zombie film" that could have benefited from a higher budget.[4] Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, Volume 2, academic Peter Dendle said, "There are at least a few interesting touches in the zombie conceptualizations here, unlike the depressing and tedious vision in the first feature."[1]


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