Zombie Zombie

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Zombie Zombie
Zombie Zombie.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Spaceman Ltd
Designer(s)Sandy White
Angela Sutherland
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Mode(s)Single player

Zombie Zombie is a ZX Spectrum computer game by Sandy White, published in 1984 by Quicksilva. It is the sequel to the popular Ant Attack, by the same author, and uses the same 'Softsolid 3D' isometric graphics.


Zombie Zombie includes a helicopter, which can be piloted and used to alter the terrain. To kill the zombies, the player must make them follow to a high point and let them fall off the edge.


Like Ant Attack, Zombie Zombie has a B-movie storyline.


Two-channel audio[edit]

Zombie Zombie also presented two notable innovations. The first was the use of two-channel sound, a then unheard-of feat of a computer equipped with only single-channel 1-bit sound from a tiny speaker. The second was that, through the use of the Sinclair Interface 1, the game's two-channel melodies could be played back on a MIDI-equipped synthesizer. Unfortunately, although a wiring diagram was supplied with the game, the interfacing code had been tested on a Yamaha DX7 with a ROM containing bugs - so the circuit would only work on that particular synthesizer. This came to light when Sandy White attempted to demo the game while connected to an unfamiliar synthesizer.


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