Zona J

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Zona J
Zona J(1998 film) boxart.jpg
Directed by Leonel Vieira
Produced by Tino Navarro
Written by Rui Cardoso Martins
Luís Pedro Nunes
Starring Félix Fontoura
Núria Madruga
Ivo Canelas
Ana Bustorff
José Pedro Gomes
Sílvia Alberto
Music by Miguel Ângelo
Cinematography Carles Gusi
Distributed by Filmes Lusomundo
Release date
December 11, 1998
Budget 180,000,000 PTE

Zona J is a 1998 Portuguese film, directed by Leonel Vieira.

In 1999, it won 2 Globos de Ouro awards – an event organized by SIC, which was also one of the production companies behind the film.

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