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ZooMumba logo.png
Developer(s) Bigpoint
Publisher(s) Bigpoint
Platform(s) Web browser
Release 19 August 2010
Genre(s) Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player with multiplayer interaction

ZooMumba is a free-to-play zoo simulator developed and published by Bigpoint where players take up the responsibility of creating and maintaining their very own zoo. Players start with an empty piece of land to transform into a successful and fun-loving zoo. Players have a variety of objects and tools at their disposal to transform the empty piece of land into one of the world’s best zoos.[1] As of February 2011, there are over 5,000,000 registered users of the game, and it is available in 23 different languages.


The color palette for ZooMumba is very bright and vibrant so that it gives off a very fun and family oriented art style. Much of the interactivity in the game revolves around the upkeep of your animals and zoo, making sure that the animals are well taken care of and that your zoo is kept clean. The mouse is the primary control and can be solely used to navigate through the game. "ZooMumba offers a friendly community and intuitive gameplay, making it a pleasure to play for experienced or inexperienced players alike." [2]

Animals and Habitats[edit]

  • When the player first starts out, Habitats must be laid out for the animals to live in. All animals can live in any habitat, but certain habitats will provide bonuses to certain animals. Once the Habitat has been built, the player can then populate the Habitat with animals to live in. Having a male and female of each animal allows the player to breed or adopt animal babies and "they are really cute and adorable, too".[3][4]


  • ZooMumba revolves around two currencies, PetPennies and ZooDollars. PetPennies is the currency that is more readily available as numerous jobs and concession stands can produce zoo pennies. ZooDollars are a bit harder to come by and they are used to purchase special/rare animals and exquisite decorations for the zoo.


  • Assistants in ZooMumba are used when the player does not have the ability or time to maintain their zoo. Assistants will perform the various tasks in order to keep the zoo running in tip top shape; with Assistants, the player will not have to worry about their animals going hungry or their zoo becoming a mess.

The Bank[edit]

  • The Bank is where the user can go to purchase Zoo Dollars. As they are a harder currency to come by, players have the option purchasing Zoo Dollars with real currency.


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