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"Zotung, Chin " is one of the ethnic groups in Chin State in Myanmar also known as Burma. It is located in the south in Chin State. Zotung Mingphuin is a very distinct ethnic people in Burma. It is very difficult to get historical records of this ethnic people as they didn't have a written languages many years ago. But it still can be traced back as far to the year 900 AD as there are the names of the places and traditional songs which can reveal the times being composed and the stories of ancient people. These people are from a Tibeto-Burman group and are familiar with all other Chin groups even though they have their own written language which is intelligible to others. These people called themselves "Zo Mingphuin" from the early times while others called them "Zotung" from during and after British rule. From 1931, their language was recorded using the Roman alphabet. It was called "Zo Ccaw" (Zo Literature). Most of these people are farmers and prefer hunting animals for their meals like other Chin groups. In early history, the Zotung Mingphuin believed in Khozi as god and they used to pray to Khozi for their health, wealth and sins through Khuarum services. But when the western missionaries entered Chinland, the Zo people converted to Christianity between the 1930s and the present.[1]

Zo literature or Zoccaw

Legendary says the first Zotung language was written on leather or animal skin which was eaten away by a dog, since then the written Zotung ccaw (θaw) became lost until the early 19th century. Zoccaw (Zo Literature/Zo alphabet) was introduced using "Romans" in 1933 by Dr Siabawi Paw Khua Ming who was one of the first persons to attend the mission school in Lungban of Falam district. Zo tung ccaw ( Zo literature ) has been banned not to be learned officially in public school by Myanmar government as many other ethnic languages. For Zotung people, christian gospel song books were only being available for self studied, but most Zotung people can write and read in Zotung ccaw( Zo literature) today. As much as i know, only Chin and Kachin are using Romans alphabet as their own languages in Myanmar. Therefore, it is much convenient to type and using computer than any other ethnic people in Myanmar.

Natural Disaster

Zotung (Chin) people are heavily affected by natural disaster that hits the country in July 19 and August 3, 2015. 364 houses were destroyed and all paddy fields and crops were destroyed. All roads and bridges are stopped by landslides. Zotung Relief Committee is responding the urgent needs of the people.[2]


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