Zoyon Patrol

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Developer(s) MECC
Platform(s) Apple 2
  • NA: 1987
Genre(s) Edutainment
Mode(s) Single-player

Zoyon Patrol was an early educational simulation game, produced by MECC for the Apple II computer. In the game, the player is the director of the Zoyon patrol, located on the fictional Zaphyr Island (supposedly located at 7°52' S, and 178º28' E, which is approximately 15 mile NNE of Fale).

A Zoyon is a fictional creature, whose names and features are combination of pre-existing creatures. For instance one Zoyon is called Catamonk, and it shares feature of a Cat and Monkey. An Elecoon has features of an Elephant and a Racoon.


As the director of the Zoyon Patrol, the player is charged with taking messages about Zoyons, identifying the Zoyon in question, trapping it alive, and arranging for its safe return to its native habitat. Every Zoyon is to be considered an endangered species.

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