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ZuPreem is a brand of Premium Nutritional Products, Inc., which manufactures and sells animal feeds, particularly for zoo animals and exotic pets.


The idea for ZuPreem started when Mark Morris, Sr. DVM, founder of Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc., and his son Mark L. Morris Jr. DVM, PhD developed a range of specialized diets for cats and dogs with particular health concerns, marketed as Prescription Diets and Science Diets. A phone call to Mark Morris Jr. from a local zoo director Gary Clarke in 1964 lead him to begin researching the nutritional needs, and developing foods, for many different species of animals, including primates, bears, reptiles, ferrets, birds, and exotic felines. Currently, David R. Morris, the son of Mark Morris Jr., runs the company, and continues to expand the line of foods with an emphasis on companion exotic animals as well as zoo animals. By 2007 the company determined that it had the largest market share of extruded/pelleted nutritional complete foods for companion birds in the United States.

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