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Zumbl iPhone icon.png
Slogan Chat, tag and share with Strangers!
Type of site
Online chat, Avatars

Zumbl was an online chat service where users could converse with strangers anonymously.[1] Users could "tag" each other on the basis of their conversations, which were indicative of their personality and were reflected in their avatars. Zumbl built users' pseudo-anonymous identities and matched them with strangers who shared common interests.[2]

The website is now defunct.


Zumbl won Samsung Innovation Awards 2012 on August 9 and was awarded 150,000 INR for the use of sentiment mining technology to find out the users' intent and depict them graphically through the users' avatars.[3]


  • Users can chat, tag each other based on their conversations.
  • Users can share videos by enclosing the video name in "<" and ">", and add that to the chatbox.
  • Zumbl is a moderated platform - where reports are taken seriously by the moderators resulting in minimal profane or abusive behavior.
  • Users can join groups and have conversations with strangers within the groups.
  • Zumbl also let users take screenshots of their conversations and share them on their favorite social networks.

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