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ZZ or zz may refer to:


  • ZZ (band), a Japanese rock band
  • ZZ Top, an American rock band
  • "Zz", a silent track on the 2014 album Sleepify by Vulfpeck


  • Z. Z. Hill (1935–1984), an American blues singer
  • ZZ Packer (born 1973), an American writer
  • ZZ Ward, Zsuzsanna Eva Ward (born 1986), an American musician

Science and mathematics[edit]


  • ZZ Boötis, a star system in the constellation Boötes
  • ZZ diboson, a pair of Z bosons
  • ZZ Ceti, a type of pulsating white dwarf star
  • G 29-38 or ZZ Piscium, a variable white dwarf star

Other uses in science and mathematics[edit]

  • ZZ zinc finger, a type of protein domain
  • , the Zahlen symbol, representing the set of integers
  • Zamioculcas or ZZ plant, a genus of flowering plant in the family Araceae


Other uses[edit]

  • ZZ Leiden, a basketball club based in Leiden, Netherlands
  • ZZ scale, a 1:300 model railroad scale
  • Živi zid ("Human Shield"), a political party in Croatia
  • Zhongzhi Capital or ZZ Capital, an asset management company
  • ZZ, the production code for the 1969 Doctor Who serial The War Games

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