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Mark Robson is a writer who was born in Scotland and who now lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is currently working on film projects with his production partner, Leigh Hennessy, and he has co-authored two recent books with Leigh Hennessy: The Day of the Cajundome Mega-Shelter and Don't Get Stuck on Stupid (also with General Russel Honore.

Robson holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (formerly known as the University of Southwestern Louisiana) and was Assistant Professor of English and Theater at Graceland University in Iowa. He was artistic director of the Eavesdrop Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, one of the nation's premier playwrights' theaters of the era. As a playwright, director, and actor, he was involved in dozens of productions in Louisiana and across the United States. Several of his one-act plays were performed in Off-Off Broadway theaters in New York, including “Home at Last," which won the playwriting award at the Deep South Writers Conference. He also directed and acted in Off-Off Broadway plays in New York.

In addition to his work in theater, Robson is an acclaimed expert in United States coins and stamps. He has written extensively about all aspects of coins and stamps, and from 2000 to 2003 he was a guest host on ShopNBC television coin shows, under the name of “Dr. Mark.”

During his years at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Robson played soccer and coached the men's soccer team to its first conference championship (Louisiana Regional Soccer League). He has maintained an interest in sports and enjoys long-distance running. He has completed several marathons, including the New York City Marathon and Boston Marathon, and he won the men's race in the Marathon to Marathon Half Marathon in Iowa in 2005.

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