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Samara Felippo
Samara Felippo IMG 1741 (24275060459).jpg
Felippo in 2016 at launch of the film The Ten Commandments
Samara Felippo Santana

(1978-10-06) October 6, 1978 (age 41)
Years active1996–present

Samara Felippo Santana (born October 6, 1978) is a Brazilian actress.


Samara had planned to become a gymnast but decided to study theater to lose her inhibitions.[1] At age 17, she decided against taking competitive exams to major in Computer Science upon being offered a spot in the actors troupe of the television network Rede Globo.[1][2]


She was invited to join Caça Talentos, a children's morning telenovela (televised soap opera) with Angélica.[1] In early 1997, she participated in the Star for a Day segment of the weekly Sunday TV program Domingão do Faustão. Her test was to re-enact a scene in the role of the Nívea Stelmann character in the soap opera A Indomada opposite Matheus Rocha.[1] Her performance was excellent and enabled her to participate in other productions of the soap opera broadcast industry.[1]

The first such soap opera, Anjo Mau, found Samara playing the young Simone Garcia.[2] Later, she performed in Meu Bem Querer and Suave Veneno, among others.[2] The highlight of her career came in Malhação, where she portrayed the rebellious Érica Schmidt, a character who discovers she has contracted HIV.[2] In 2003, Mariana played the romantic Mariana, in the miniseries A Casa das Sete Mulheres; later that year she portrayed Celina Costa Andrade Fernandes in Chocolate com Pimenta.[2] In 2004 she was in the soap opera Da Cor do Pecado, where she showed her comic vein opposite Karina Bacchi and Rosi Campos.[2] In 2005, she played the coquettish Detinha in América. Exploring her comic side, the character of pedestrians trying to conquer the city and get a boyfriend at all costs.[2][3]

Samara studied cinema at a college in Rio de Janeiro.[2] As to feature films, she performed in the film O Dono do Mar, produced in Maranhão in 2001 and released in 2006.[4][5][6] In another film, Concerto Campestre, which was filmed entirely in Pelotas (RS), she had the lead role.[7]

Also very involved with the theater, Samara has performed in several plays during hiatuses from television work. She played in Êxtase (2007);[2] A frente fria que a chuva traz (2006);[8] Comunhão de Bens (2000);[8] O Guarani (1998).[8]

In 2006, she took part in the miniseries JK, playing the role of Maria Estela Kubitschek[2] and she also played the villainesse Wandinha in O Profeta.[2] In 2007, the actress dubbed the role of Colette in the animated film Ratatouille[9] and participated in the TV Globo soap opera Sete Pecados."[2] In 2008, she participated in the reality show Domingão do Faustão, Dança dos Famosos 5.[10] And in the same year she performed in a few episodes of Casos e Acasos, again of TV Globo.[8] She also performed in the theater play Intenções Perigosas.[8]

In 2009 the actress withdrew for a while from soap operas. In 2010, she returned to television to perform in one of the episodes of S.O.S Emergência.[11]

In 2011 she performed in the play Hamlet[12] and in the play Mulheres Alteradas, replacing Adriane Galisteu.[13] In October of that year, she was cast in the miniseries on the life of Dercy Gonçalves which debuted in January 2012 on TV Globo.[14] In the miniseries she had the role of Maria Decimar, daughter of the comedian.[15]

In July 2012, the actress signed with Rede Record.[16][17] In 2013, the actress was cast as Dinah in the Biblical miniseries José do Egito.[18] In the same year, she returned to the theater in Orgulhosa Demais, Frágil Demais, where she portrayed Marilyn Monroe.[19]

In January 2014, she signed a contract with Globo, and will be in the series O Caçador playing the role of stripper Paulinha Tsunami.[20] In 2015, Samara gave life to Jochebed in the first phase of the novel Os Dez Mandamentos.[21] In 2017, Samara will return the screens in the novel Apocalipse, in which she will play a police officer.[22]

Personal life[edit]

She married basketball player Leandro Barbosa in 2008, and the couple's daughter, Alícia, was born on June 25, 2009.[2][23] In December 2010, the couple separated,[24] but reconciled again six months later.[25] But in September 2013, the actress announced their separation again.[26] The actress has a column about the backstage life of NBA basketball in the portal Basketeria.[27]

On May 25, 2013, Samara gave birth to her second daughter, Lara.[28]



Year Title Role Notes
1996 Caças Talentos Gabriela Participation
1997 Anjo Mau Simone Garcia Fachini
1998 Malhação Sabrina Season 4
Meu Bem Querer Baby Amoedo
1999 Suave Veneno Gilvânia
Malhação Érica Schmidt Seasons 6–8 (1999–2001)
2001 O Clone Diogo's girlfriend Episode: "October 1, 2001"
2002 Sítio do Picapau Amarelo Snow White Season 2
2003 A Casa das Sete Mulheres Mariana
Chocolate com Pimenta Celina Costa Andrade Fernandes
2004 Da Cor do Pecado Greta Bazaróv
2005 América Detinha (Maria Odete)
2006 JK Maria Estela Kubitschek
Minha Nada Mole Vida Cynthia Valéria Episode: "Ninguém É de Ninguém"
Episode: "Procura-se Uma Namorada"
O Profeta Wandinha (Wanda Carvalho)
2007 Sete Pecados Simone
2008 Dança dos Famosos 5 Participant Domingão do Faustão's reality show
Casos e Acasos Sofia Episode: "A Escolha, A Operação e A Outra"
Ana Episode: "Quem Passou a Noite Comigo?"[29]
Bianca Episode: "Ele é Ela, Ela é Ele e Ela ou Eu"
2010 S.O.S Emergência Silmara Episode: "Um Paciente Indigesto"
2012 Dercy de Verdade Maria Decimar Martins Senra
2013 José do Egito Dinah
2014 O Caçador Paulinha Tsunami Episode: "April 25, 2014"
2015 Os Dez Mandamentos Jochebed (young) Episodes: "March 24–30, 2015"
2017 Apocalipse Natália Menezes


Year Title Role
2004 Concerto Campestre Clara Victória
2006 O Dono do Mar Maria Quertibe
2007 Ratatouille Colette (Brazilian voice dubbing)
2016 The Ten Commandments: The Movie Jochebed (young)


Year Title Role
1998 O Guarani Ceci
2000 Comunhão de Bens Nice
2006 A Frente Fria que a Chuva Traz Fabi
2007 Êxtase Cacau
2008 Intenções Perigosas Catarina
2011 Hamlet Ophelia
Mulheres Alteradas Lisa
2013 Orgulhosa Demais, Frágil Demais Marilyn Monroe


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