1936 FIRA Tournament

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1936 FIRA Tournament
Date 14–17 May 1936
Countries  France
Tournament statistics
Champions  France
Matches played 4
(Next) 1937

A rugby union tournament was held in May 1936, three months prior to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Rugby union had been an official Olympic sport in 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924, but was dropped from the Olympic program after the 1924 Paris Games. The 1936 tournament is not mentioned in the official report of the organising committee of the Berlin Games, and has never been given the status of an official demonstration sport for those Games.

Four teams competed in the 1936 tournament, which was considered one of the "best organized and most international rugby tournaments to date". France defeated Germany in the final.

Semi-finals Final
14 May
  France  25  
  Romania  5  
17 May
      France  19
    Germany  14
Third place
  Germany  19   Italy  8
  Italy  8     Romania  7


French players[edit]

Forwards : Francis Daguerre (Biarritz Olympique), André Goyard (Lyon OU), André Rochon (AS Montferrand), Étienne Ithurra (Biarritz Olympique), M. Laurent (FC Auch), François Raynal (USA Perpignan), Louis Dupont (Racing club de France), Lucien Cognet (AS Montferrand).

Backs : Pierre Thiers (AS Montferrand), Georges Libaros (Stadoceste Tarbais), Maurice Celhay (Aviron Bayonnais), Joseph Desclaux (c) (USA Perpignan), Jean Coderc (Racing club chalonnais), Pierre Geschwind (Racing club de France), Maurice Savy (AS Montferrand).

Substitutes : R. Lombarteix (AS Montferrand), Prud'homme (Lyon olympique universitaire), R. Arotca (Aviron Bayonnais), J. Dorot (Racing club de France), J. Blond (Stade Français), J. Fau (Union sportive carcassonnaise XV), F. Raynaud (Union sportive carcassonnaise XV), F. Sahuc (Stade Toulousain), M. Capendeguy (Saint-Jean-de-Luz olympique rugby).

Managers : René Crabos, Jean Semmartin and Lanusse.

German players[edit]

Forwards : M. Schroers (DRC Hannover), K. Metzger (SC Frankfurt 1880), E. Derleth (Frankfurt TV 60), Erwin Thiesies (Tennis Borussia Berlin), H. Kocher (RG Heidelberg), A. Koch (SV Odin Hannover), W. Pfisterer (RG Heidelberg), O. Oppermann (FV 1897 Linden).

Backs : K. Loos (Heidelberger RK), H. Hanning (Rasenspiele Hannover), K. Hübsch (Heidelberger RK), H. Schwanenberg (c) (DSV 78 Hannover), W. Zichlinski (FV 1897 Linden), W. Dünnhaupt (SV Odin Hannover), G. Isenberg (DSV 78 Hannover).

Substitutes : A. Aue, W. Roth, F. Bukowski.

Manager : ?.

Italian players[edit]

Forwards : Tommaso Fattori (Rugby Roma Olimpic), S. Bonfante (CUS Torino Rugby), G. Zoffoli (Rugby Roma Olimpic), A. Albonico (CUS Torino Rugby), Vincenzo Bertolotto (CUS Torino Rugby), G. Visentin (Amatori Rugby Milan), I. Aloisio (Amatori Rugby Milan), A. Re-Garbagnati (Amatori Rugby Milan).

Backs : M. Campagna (c) (Amatori Rugby Milan), G. Piana (CUS Torino Rugby), R. Maffioli (Amatori Rugby Milan), F. Vinci III (Rugby Roma Olimpic), G. Rizzoli (Rugby Bologna 1928), A. Cazzini (Amatori Rugby Milan), R. Centinari (Amatori Rugby Milan).

Substitutes : O. Maestri (Amatori Rugby Milan), E. Sgorbati (Amatori Rugby Milan), Vigliana (CUS Torino Rugby), Ardissone (CUS Torino Rugby), Pinardi (CUS Torino Rugby).

Manager : Michel Boucheron.

Romanian players[edit]

Forwards : I. Tarabega, G. Fantaneanu, S. Ionescu, S. Barsan, S. Burlescu, G. Ionescu, E. Marculescu, C. Beju.

Backs : A. Marasescu, N. Crissoveloni (c), A. Damian, I. Popa, C. Grigorescu, I. Irimia, C. Dinescu.

Substitutes : A. Matescu, Nicolescu, Epure, Craciunescu, Tudor, E. Sfetescu, M. Slobozeanu, Anastasiade, Florea.

Manager : ?.


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