900 Rosalinde

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900 Rosalinde
900Rosalinde (Lightcurve Inversion).png
A three-dimensional model of 900 Rosalinde based on its light curve.
Discovered by Max Wolf
Discovery site Heidelberg
Discovery date August 10, 1918
Alternative names 1918 EC
Orbital characteristics
Epoch August 18, 2005 (JDCT 2453600.5)
Aphelion 2.874 AU
Perihelion 2.072 AU
Semi-major axis 2.473 AU
Eccentricity 0.162
Orbital period 3.890 a
Mean anomaly 145.707°
Inclination 11.564°
Longitude of ascending node 182.533°
Argument of perihelion 121.436°

900 Rosalinde is a minor planet orbiting the Sun. It is named after a character in Johann Strauss's opera Die Fledermaus.[1]


  1. ^ Paul Herget, The Names of the Minor Planets (1955)

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