A King's Ransom

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A King's Ransom
Author Jude Watson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's novel
Adventure novel
Published 2011
Publisher Scholastic
Pages 192
Preceded by The Medusa Plot
Followed by The Dead of Night

A King's Ransom is the second book in the Cahills vs. Vesper's series. The book was written by Jude Watson and published on December 6th, 2011.[1] The story picks up right after the previous book and continues to follow Dan and Amy as they try to get back the kidnapped members of their family.


The book starts with Dan and Amy at a train station in Florence. Realizing that there is no way to get on the train alone they befriend a girl named Vanessa Mallory to broad the train. Once on the train Amy get information that they have to steal the De Virga World Map which has been lost since 1932, where it was last housed at a auction house in Lucerne. As they talk the siblings realize that Vanessa is a impostor and hide in the luggage compartment. The two hide inside pieces of luggage until they reach the next station at Engelberg where they run away and call Attleboro. Once on the phone Dan and Amy find out that Vanessa is actually Vesper 6, Cheyenne Wyoming. Ian then tells them how to dress like they fit at a auction.

After dressing up Dan and Amy go to the auction, where they sneak into the record room and start searching for clues. As they search they see a fax come in their names and faces telling people that they are wanted by INTERPOL and the detective is Milos Vanek. After seeing that the two take a photo of a document and leave.