A Princess for Christmas

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A Princess for Christmas
Directed by Michael Damian
Produced by Brad Krevoy
Written by Janeen Damian
Michael Damian
Starring Roger Moore
Katie McGrath
Sam Heughan
Charlotte Salt
Leilah de Meza
Travis Turner
Music by Mark Thomas
Country United States
Language English
Release date
  • December 3, 2011 (2011-12-03)
Running time 1:30

A Princess for Christmas or, in the UK, A Christmas Princess (previously known as the Canadian title Christmas at Castlebury Hall and A Princess for Castlebury) is a comedy-drama film by Michael Damian. The film premiered December 3, 2011.

Plot summary[edit]

After the death of their parents, Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) becomes the legal guardian of her 7-year-old niece Maddie (Leilah de Meza) and teenage nephew Milo (Travis Turner), who are still suffering with the loss of their parents. While Jules is at work, she gets laid off and returns home.

Later that evening Milo reveals that he does not like Christmas because it reminds him of his parents. A stranger appears at Jules' home, claiming to be the butler of Sir Edward, the children's wealthy grandfather, who wishes Milo and Maddie to spend the Christmas holidays with him. Jules initially refuses due to the fact that Sir Edward disowned his son for marrying her sister but later decides to go for the children's sake.

When they arrive, the children and Jules get settled in with the help of the staff. Jules runs into Ashton (Sam Heughan), the duke's younger son, and she introduces herself. There is some chemistry in the air, but Ashton abruptly excuses himself.

Jules and the children show up late for dinner, which seems to annoy Edward. As the dinner begins awkwardly things get worse as Milo asks where his grandfather has been all this time. Edward explains that he did not approve of their mother due to her lack of status, which makes Jules extremely uncomfortable.

Later, Ashton's girlfriend, Arabella Marchand du Belmont states that she and Ashton should be engaged at anytime now. As Jules and Ashton enter the room, Arabella's brother goes up to her and introduces himself, and jokes about Ashton being proper to which Jules says he was "like a prince". The boys then laugh as the man states that Ashton is a prince, the title coming from his mother's side.

Later Ashton helps Jules decorate a Christmas tree and then they are joined by the children. Edward angrily interrupts and demands that they take down the tree, however he is calmed down when Maddie shows him his favorite ornament. The family then all decorate the tree together, and Ashton notices Milo's sadness and offers to help. The next day, Ashton takes Milo out for an archery lesson. Edward then awakes and with newfound Christmas spirit plans for a ball to be held on Christmas Eve.

Ashton is later talking to his father about the guest list. He then states that he has been helping Jules learn the waltz unaware that she is listening. His father then quickly changes the subject to how he does not wish to invite a woman due to her lack of title and crass behavior and he fears she will ruin the ball. Ashton replies that they do not have to invite her but his father says it is too late, meanwhile Jules mistakenly believes that they are talking about her.

The next day the staff accidentally burns Jules' ball dress and she takes this as a sign that she should not go. The staff then decide to find her a new dress. However, Jules, feeling unwelcome, decides that she is going to go back to the US early and only tells the children. Despite their efforts to make her stay, she decides to leave and asks them not to tell anyone until she is gone, to which they agree. She then leaves to the train station as the guests start to arrive for the ball. At the ball, Ashton asks where Jules is, but the children give nothing away. Mrs. Birch searches for Jules and discovers that she has left, so they race to the train station to stop her. When they arrive they tell her to look at the dress, and it is revealed that they did not fix her old dress but all pitched in to buy her a new one. She then agrees to return to the ball.

Meanwhile at the ball, Ashton asks to talk to Arabelle. He then asks her if she would be with him if he did not have his title to which she says no. He then tells her that he wants to break up. Jules then arrives at the ball. Ashton then approaches her as she is admiring an antique, she explains herself and tells him that she is trying not be an embarrassment. Confused, he asks her what she means to which she explains that she "knows" that they did not want her there, much to Ashton's surprise and dismay. After Ashton clears things up, they begin to dance. Everyone within the room starts to whisper, and Arabelle's father approaches Edward telling him to "control his son". Arabelle also returns and sees them dancing. Arabelle approaches Edward and states that the kids and Jules are out of control, listing reasons. Jules defends herself and Ashton also supports her. Arabelle storms out with her parents after hearing this.

Ashton goes to his father to thank him, and his father tells him to "not let that girl go". Ashton then takes his advice and asks Jules to expand their stay, to which she agrees. The family then proceed to go upstairs where they catch "Santa" putting gifts under the Christmas tree. The kids go to the Christmas tree, at the door Edward laments, saying he wishes his son was here. Jules than states that he is, in the glowing of Milo's eyes and the twinkle in Maddie's smile and that her sister is there, too.

Later it is shown that Jules and Ashton got married. At the end Jules calls Ashton her prince and he proceeds to call her his princess. She then laughs stating that it sounds like they are entitled to rule one day. Ashton responds that they are, she smiles and they kiss.



In August 2008, writer and director Michael Damian told OK Magazine that he was "working on a screenplay called Christmas At Castlebury Hall".[1] The film was shot at Peleş Castle, Stirbei Castle, the Bragadiru Palace[2] and at MediaPro Studios in Bucharest, Romania February and March 2011. The film's cinematographer is Viorel Sergovici.[3]
On July 16, Michael Damian announced the film's new name: A Princess for Christmas.[4]


MovieGuide Awards--A Princess for Christmas[5]

Year Recipient Award Result
2011 Most Inspirational Television Acting Grace Award: Sam Heughan Nominated
2011 Most Inspirational Television Acting Grace Award: Katie McGrath Nominated


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