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Mainistir Leathrátha
Abbeylara Abbey
Abbeylara Abbey
Abbeylara is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 53°46′00″N 7°27′00″W / 53.7667°N 7.4500°W / 53.7667; -7.4500Coordinates: 53°46′00″N 7°27′00″W / 53.7667°N 7.4500°W / 53.7667; -7.4500
Country Ireland
Province Leinster
County County Longford
Elevation 82 m (269 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Urban 245
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) IST (WEST) (UTC-1)
Irish Grid Reference N363797

Abbeylara (Irish: Mainistir Leathrátha, meaning "Abbey of the half rath or little rath") is a village in the easternmost portion of County Longford, Ireland, located about three kilometers east of Granard on the R396 regional road. Its name is derived from a monastery, the great Abbey of Lerha, founded in 1205 by Hiberno-Norman magnate, Risteárd de Tiúit, for Cistercian monks. The monastery was dissolved in 1539, although its ruins are still apparent on approach to the village. An ancient earthenwork, the Duncla (Irish Dún-chlaí meaning "fortified ditch") or Black Pig's Dyke, which runs south-eastwards from Lough Gowna to Lough Kinale, goes through the larger parish of Abbeylara, and passes about one kilometre north of the village.

Because of its proximity to Lough Kinale and Lough Derragh, with a plentiful supply of trout, tench, bream and pike, Abbeylara attracts anglers and local angling clubs hold regular competitions.

On 20 April 2000, the Gardaí (police) shot dead local man John Carthy in a siege at his home.

There is an emerging Irish 'Gangsta' Rap scene in Abbeylara. This has resulted in local 'Bloods & Crips' gangs emerging among the local youths, weekends at the crossroad section of Main Street Abbeylara have become common place for gang feuds being settled with freestyle rap off's. Locals and Gardai struggle to contain such lyrical destruction on the streets and the area is now commonly known as 'Compton' to most locals. The 'Bloods' gang are the more aggressive of the two new emerging gangs, they are known to Wear hooded tops to hide their faces, throw bags of chips at passing tractors, and regularly gather in numbers at the local PJ's at lunchtimes to create queue at the deli counter to annoy local customers & Gardai.

Abbeylara's local GAA Club is stituated 1km from the village in Ballyboy. The club's website can be found at

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