Saeed Abubakr Zakaria

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Islamic scholar
Saeed Abubakr Zakaria
Title Sheikh Al-Hajj Afa
Born (Sa‘id) Arabic: سعيد
Other names Afa Seidu
Nationality Ghanaian
Ethnicity Dagomba people
Alma mater Islamic University of Madinah

Saeed Abubakr Zakaria (Afa Seidu) is an Islamic scholar and leader of the Anbariyy Islamic Institute in Tamale in Ghana. He was called back from an Imamship post in Canada in May 2007 to succeed Afa Ajura who died on December 22, 2004, as director of the Anbariya Islamic Institute in Tamale and spiritual leader of Anbariya Sunni Community in Ghana.[1][2][3] Afa Seidu won a scholarship to study at the Islamic University of Madinah in the 1970s.[4] He returned to the Institute to teach after he graduated in 1985 with an M.A. in Islamic theology as well as an M.Phil in Philosophy.[citation needed]

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