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Alipur Farash or "Frash Town" is a settlement in Islamabad, located on the Lehtrar road approx. 17km (25 minutes) from Rawal lake and 9km (17 minutes) from Chak Shahzad. Frash Town is a Capital Development Authority approved model urban shelter scheme.

As of 2011 there were approximately 2,000 homes in the town. Despite the fact that the scheme is one of the CDA's "model villages" it resembles a typical unplanned settlement with nominal municipal facilities. Alipur Farash residents have been facing problems due to shortage of drinking water, poor sewerage and lack of other basic facilities.[1]

According to unofficial figures, there are 28 'katchi abadis' in Islamabad inhabited by more than 70,000 dwellers in worst living conditions. Under the urban shelter programme, CDA has acknowledged 10 'katchi abadis' for provision of basic facilities.[2]

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Coordinates: 33°38′53″N 73°11′14″E / 33.64807°N 73.18732°E / 33.64807; 73.18732