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Film poster
Revised Romanization Ohjik geudaeman
McCune–Reischauer Ochik kŭtaeman
Directed by Song Il-gon
Produced by Kim Jeong-hui
Written by Song Il-gon
Roh Hong-jin
Starring So Ji-sub
Han Hyo-joo
Music by Choe Cheol-su
Cinematography Hong Kyung-pyo
Edited by Nam Na-yeong
HB Entertainment
Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex
Release date(s)
  • October 20, 2011 (2011-10-20)
Running time 106 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$6,243,557[1]

Always (Hangul: 오직 그대만; RR: Ohjik Geudaeman; MR: Ochik kŭtaeman; lit. Only You) is a South Korean film directed by Song Il-gon. Starring So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo in the lead roles, it is about a romance between an ex-boxer who has closed his heart to the world and a telemarketer who remains spirited despite slowly going blind.[2][3][4]

With online tickets selling out a 2,000-seat outdoor movie theater in a record seven seconds,[5][6][7] Always was the opening film of the 2011 Busan International Film Festival.[8][9][10]

It was released in theaters on October 20, 2011.[11][12] The film had a total of 1,027,614 admissions nationwide.[13]


Cheol-min, a man with a dark, mysterious past, gets hired at a part-time night job as a parking lot attendant. He sits in the tiny pay booth in the parking lot and stares at the small television. A woman named Jung-hwa walks into the booth. She offers something to Cheol-min and sits next to him. Cheol-min realizes the woman is blind and she is confusing him for the parking attendant who worked there previously.

Nevertheless, the woman comes back on another night to watch the same television drama. She constantly asks Cheol-min questions on what is happening on the television screen. Cheol-min starts becoming attached to the woman. Their past is tied by a life-altering incident.

One day, Cheol-min accompanies Jung-hwa to a musical. Afterwards they have dinner together. Jung-hwa asks about Cheol-min's past. Cheol-min ruthlessly berates Jung-hwa for asking about his past. Their relationship becomes strained.

Several days later when Jung-hwa's boss follows her home and tries to sexually assault her, Cheol-min busts through the door. He beats up Jung-hwa's boss savagely and attempts to comfort Jung-hwa. They move in together and start to live as a couple. But can their happiness last?


  • So Ji-sub as Jang Cheol-min[14]
  • Han Hyo-joo as Ha Jung-hwa[15][16][17][18]
  • Yun Jong-hwa as Min Tae-sik
  • Kang Shin-il as Choi (boxing gym manager)
  • Park Chul-min as Coach Bang
  • Jo Sung-ha as section chief Choi
  • Jin Goo as pottery store owner
  • Oh Kwang-rok as Park Chang-soo (man wanted by loan sharks)
  • Kim Jeong-hak as team leader Ma
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Sister Joanna
  • Wie Seung-bae as marital arts champion
  • Jung Jae-jin as shift old man
  • Min Kyeong-jin as janitor
  • Yum Hye-ran as beauty parlor owner
  • Ahn Se-ho as broker
  • Choi Gyo-sik as real estate agent


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