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Andrew L. Gotianun, Sr. (Chinese: 吳天恩; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Gô͘ Thian-un) is a Chinese Filipino entrepreneur from the Philippines who at one time held a net worth of US$860 million (2007). He runs the Filinvest Development Corporation which owns most of the Filinvest Land[clarification needed] and the East West Bank.[1] Gotianun also focuses on biofuels and has acquired two sugar mills and a plantation.[2] As of 2008, his fortune has decreased sharply to $235 Million, a result of the global financial downturn but in 2014 his back to the billionaire ranks with a fortune over $1 billion according to Forbes.[3]

Business career[edit]

Gotianun made a living from salvaging ships at the end of the Second World War. Several years later, he became involved in an automobile dealership.[1] Later still, in 1955, he founded Filinvest Development Corporation a company which became engaged in real estate in 1967.[4] Gotaniun and his wife, Mercedes, temporarily retired from business activities in the 1980s but returned a short time later, with a plan to make improvements to the corporation.[5] He is among those honored at the BizNewAsia Real Estate Who is Who (BREW) awards.[6]

Private life[edit]

Gotianun and fellow businessman John Gokongwei are cousins[7] and members of the notable Go clan in Cebu.[8] His son, Andrew Gotianun Jr., is the vice-president of Filinvest Land.[9]


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