Anima Animus

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For the Jungian concept see, see Anima and Animus.
Anima Animus
Anima Animus.jpg
Studio album by The Creatures
Released 15 February 1999
Recorded France
Genre Alternative rock
Label Sioux Records, Instinct Records
Producer The Creatures, Steve Lyon, Warne Livesy
The Creatures chronology
Eraser Cut EP
Anima Animus
U.S. Retrace
Singles from Anima Animus
  1. "2nd Floor"
    Released: 5 October 1998
  2. "Say"
    Released: 15 March 1999
  3. "Prettiest Thing"
    Released: 6 September 1999

Anima Animus is the third album to be released by British duo The Creatures (aka singer Siouxsie Sioux and drummer Budgie). The title of the album was inspired by Carl Jung's concept of transgender (the woman inside the man, the man inside the woman). The album was released in 1999.

PJ Harvey selected Anima Animus as one of her Top 10 Albums of 1999.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

This album was well received by critics. The Times gave it 8/10 and wrote: "Siouxsie, has rarely been in better voice. The opening track, "2nd Floor" is a fantastically knowing melodrama, riding a techno pulse, while the ominous, epic Exterminating Angel pursues its prey in lamplit streets. It's entrancing, hypnotic and inventive".[2] The Sunday Times also praised and presented it in these glowing terms: "Siouxsie's voice has lost none of its ability to seduce and unsettle. The sound is percussive, defined by Budgie's supple rhythm work. Exterminating Angel is exquisitely menacing, while the sinuous Another Planet grows to a shuddering climax."[3] Uncut gave the album 4/5 and Chris Roberts said: "Sioux's always been at her best as a harsh declaimer, PJ Harvey on steroids, but there are phases where she whispers, breathes, reaches for vulnerability", before concluding "The Creatures have jettisoned comfort and are phoning home from a new end zone. Anima Animus crackles."[4]


The original title of the album was Gifthorse, then Mount Venus, before the duo changed their minds to finally opt for Anima Animus. The first single "Second Floor" was issued in late 1998, shortly after the four-track EP, "Eraser Cut". Another single, "Say", featured two unreleased B-sides, the acoustic "Broken" and the atmospheric "All She Could Ask For". The latter song opened their 1999 concerts. All of this material was later included on the U.S. Retrace compilation.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "2nd Floor"
  2. "Disconnected"
  3. "Turn It On"
  4. "Take Mine"
  5. "Say"
  6. "I Was Me"
  7. "Prettiest Thing"
  8. "Exterminating Angel" featuring Juno Reactor
  9. "Another Planet"
  10. "Don't Go to Sleep Without Me"

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