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Anqi Sheng (Chinese: 安期生; Wade–Giles: An-ch’i Shêng) was a legendary Chinese immortal and wizard, said to be already over 1,000 years old at the time of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor.

He was said to inhabit Mount Penglai. Anqi appears to have been a taoist wizard, and possessed the power of rendering himself visible or invisible at pleasure. According to the Daoist hagiography Liexian Zhuan, Qin Shi Huang spoke with him for three entire days (including nights), and offered Anqi jade and gold. He later sent an expedition under Xu Fu to find him and his highly sought elixir of life. The Records of the Grand Historian chronicles that Li Shaojun 李少君 visited him during his travels. Emperor Wu of Han also sent an expedition to find Anqi, which proved unsuccessful.

Anqi holds an important place in the Taiqing and Shangqing Schools.


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