Answer That and Stay Fashionable

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Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Studio album by AFI
Released August 1, 1995[1]
April 22, 1997 (Re-Issue)
Recorded Art Of Ears Studio at Hayward, CA
Genre Hardcore punk[1][2][3]
Length 41:23[3]
42:00 (re-issue)
Label Wingnut[3]
Nitro (re-issue)[4]
Producer AFI,[5] Doug Sangalang,[5][3] Tim Armstrong,[5] Brett Reed[5]
AFI chronology
Fly in the Ointment
Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Very Proud of Ya
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[3]
Alternative Press 3.5/5 stars[1]

Answer That and Stay Fashionable is the debut studio album by American rock band AFI. It was originally released on August 1, 1995 through Wingnut Records. It was re-released on April 22, 1997 through Nitro Records.


Answer That and Stay Fashionable was recorded in Hayward, California at the studio of Andy Ernst in 1995. It was produced by Doug Sangalang, Tim Armstrong and Brett Reed.

The album features a parody of the film Reservoir Dogs.[2] The tracks "Two of a Kind" and "Yürf Rendenmein" were re-recorded for AFI's second studio album Very Proud of Ya. The title of the track "Yürf Rendenmein" sounds like "your friend and mine" when pronounced slowly. The lyrics for "Cereal Wars" are credited to Toucan Sam for humor. It is stated in the album booklet that all of the tracks, excluding "Open Your Eyes", are copyrighted to Anthems For Insubordinates, the band's initialized name at the time.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Two of a Kind"   1:31
2. "Half-Empty Bottle"   1:39
3. "Yürf Rendenmein"   2:14
4. "I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)"   1:12
5. "Brownie Bottom Sundae"   1:47
6. "The Checkered Demon"   2:08
7. "Cereal Wars"   1:17
8. "The Mother in Me"   2:06
9. "Rizzo in the Box"   1:50
10. "Kung-Fu Devil"   2:15
11. "Your Name Here"   2:28
12. "Ny-Quil"   2:07
13. "Don't Make Me Ill"   2:41
14. "Open Your Eyes"   1:16
15. "High School Football Hero" (With hidden track "Man In A Suitcase" (The Police cover)) 1:31
Total length:
Vinyl edition
No. Title Length
16. "Self-Pity"   0:56
17. "Key Lime Pie"   0:37


  • Producer: AFI
  • Co-Producers: Doug Sangalang, Tim Armstrong, Brett Reed
  • Recorded at Art Of Ears, Hayward, CA[6]
  • Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA[6]
  • Photography: Steve Z[6]
  • Engineered and Recorded by Andy Ernst[5][6]
  • Lyrics by Davey Havok and Geoff Kresge[6][6]
  • Cover Art printed in Canada[7]


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