Geoff Kresge

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Geoff Kresge
Genres Street punk, hardcore punk, punk rock, psychobilly
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, record producer
Instruments Guitar, bass, upright bass
Years active 1992–present
Labels Key Lime Pie, Dead Body
Associated acts AFI, Influence 13, Blanks 77, Horrorpops, The Forbidden Dimension, Tiger Army, Viva Hate

Geoff Kresge is a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and record producer. He played with the rock-punk band AFI for most of their early career,[1] from 1992 through 1997, and co-wrote the majority of their early material alongside frontman Davey Havok. During an AFI hiatus in 1993, he briefly moved to New York to join street punk band Blanks 77. He later went on to play with Canadian horror rock group The Forbidden Dimension and also a high-energy rock band, The Daggers, before subsequently joining the psychobilly band Tiger Army.[2] Though he played an electric bass in his previous bands, for Tiger Army he chose an upright bass.


Upon leaving Tiger Army in September 2004, Kresge formed the band Viva Hate with longtime friend Matt "Wedge" Wedgley (formerly of The Force). Before Viva Hate's permanent lineup had solidified, Kresge joined the HorrorPops on guitar,[3] but continued writing songs with Wedge for Viva Hate. Ultimately Viva Hate began performing live whenever Kresge's schedule allowed for them to do so and subsequently the band completed a regional tour with one of Kresge's former bands, AFI.

In July 2007, Kresge announced that he had left HorrorPops as well as his recording label Dead Body Records, stating that he wished to dedicate full attention to Viva Hate, followed by an American tour in support of Sick of it All and Madball.

In January 2008, on Tiger Army's official website, it was announced that Kresge had rejoined the band after the departure of then current bassist, Jeff Roffredo. Kresge plays the upright bass using the slap style which is popular amongst psychobilly bands. This involves pulling the strings till they snap back onto the fingerboard and slapping the strings against the fingerboard.

Kresge is married to Kamilla Vanilla (also formerly of the HorrorPops) and was also part-owner of Dead Body Records, as well as the founder and owner of the now-defunct Key Lime Pie Records, which released several early recordings by AFI. He has produced for several other bands, including Tiger Army, Heckle, Graveyard Shift (band) and 12 Step Rebels.


With AFI[edit]

With The Daggers[edit]

  • She Told Me She Said 7" vinyl on Sloth Records
  • Right Between the Eyes on Sloth Records

With Tiger Army[edit]

Compilation appearances

With HorrorPops[edit]

With Viva Hate[edit]


  • Nekromantix - Brought Back to Life Again (Digital Editing) (2005)
  • 12 Step Rebels - Go Go Graveyard Rockin' with 12 Step Rebels (Featured as producer) Dead Body Records
  • Graveyard Shift - Rest Without Peace (Featured as producer) Dead Body Records
  • Mr. Cliff Greenwood - Musical Heritage (Digital Editing) Dead Body Records


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