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Anthony Hemingway
Born 1977 (age 36–37)
United States
Occupation Film director
Years active 1997–present

Anthony Hemingway (born 1977) is an American film and television director.

He has directed episodes of The Wire, CSI: NY, The Closer, and Treme. Before becoming a director he worked extensively as an assistant director in television and film.

In 2012, Hemingway's first feature film Red Tails, produced by George Lucas was released.


Hemingway began working in the industry on Tom Fontana's HBO prison drama Oz as an assistant director. He later worked with Fontana on The Jury. He was the first assistant director on the film Freedomland in 2006 which was written by The Wire writer Richard Price and featured several cast members from that show alongside Samuel L. Jackson. He first worked with Jackson as assistant director on the 2002 film Changing Lanes. He first worked with director/producer Joe Chappelle on the 2000 film Takedown and has since collaborated with him on The Wire and CSI: NY.

For The Wire Hemingway served as the first assistant director on several episodes in the first season[1] and throughout the second and third season.[2][3] He returned in 2006 as a director for the seventh episode of the fourth season "Unto Others".[4][5][6] Showrunner David Simon said that Hemingway's directing debut proved what they already knew, "that it was time." The experience has led to directing work on several other series for Hemingway.[7]



Year Title Episode Notes
2013 The Newsroom "Red Team III" Season 2, episode 7
Shameless "The American Dream" Season 3, episode 2
2012 Vegas "Estinto" Season 1, episode 10
Treme "Tipitina" Season 3, episode 10
Once Upon a Time "Child of the Moon" Season 2, episode 7
Treme "Careless Love" Season 3, episode 6
"Knock with Me - Rock with Me" Season 3, episode 1
Shameless "Father's Day" Season 2, episode 5
Red Tails Feature film
2011 CSI: NY "Air Apparent" Season 8, episode 5
The Closer "A Family Affair" Season 7, episode 7
Fringe "Wallflower" Season 4, episode 7
Falling Skies "What Hides Beneath" Season 1, episode 8
Treme "Accentuate the Positive"[8] Season 2, episode 1
2010 Treme "All on a Mardi Gras Day" Season 1, episode 8
"At the Foot of Canal Street"[9] Season 1, episode 4
True Blood "Evil Is Going On" Season 3, episode 12
Undercovers "Jailbreak" Season 1, episode 4
Community "Epidemiology" Season 2, episode 6
2008 The Closer "Tijuana Brass" Season 4, episode 9
True Blood "Plaisir d'Amour" Season 1, episode 9
Heroes "Angels and Monsters" Season 3, episode 5
Criminal Minds "3rd Life" Season 3, episode 12
The Wire "Clarifications" Season 5, episode 8
CSI: NY "Personal Foul" Season 4, episode 19
"Like Water for Murder" Season 4, episode 17
Battlestar Galactica "Six of One" Season 4, episode 2
ER "Tandem Repeats" Season 14, episode 18
2007 "Under the Influence" Season 14, episode 5
The Black Donnellys "The Only Thing Sure" Episode 6
CSI: Miami "Burned" Season 5, episode 22
Shark "Backfire" Season 1, episode 17
CSI: NY "The Thing About Heroes" Season 4, episode 10
"The Lying Game" Season 3, episode 14
Tell Me You Love Me Season 1, episode 5
2006 Close to Home "Prodigal Son" Season 2, episode 11
Justice "Wrongful Death" Episode 5
CSI: NY "Hung Out to Dry" Season 3, episode 4
"Heroes" Season 2, episode 23
The Wire "Unto Others"[4][5] Season 4, episode 7

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