Anticomp Folkilation

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Anticomp Folkilation
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released February 11, 2007
Genre Antifolk
Label Crafty Records
Producer Dan Treiber, Dan Costello, Brook Pridemore
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Time Out New York 3/5 stars [1]

Anticomp Folkilation is a 2-CD compilation album featuring a variety of artists from New York's antifolk scene.

Sounds and Themes[edit]

This album itself has been described as incongruous, yet in line with traditional Folk and Punk sensibilities.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1[edit]

  1. Major Matt Mason USA-Tripping Yourself
  2. Brook Pridemore-Sugar Coma (Snakes on My Brain)
  3. Soft Black-The Earth is Black
  4. The Wowz-You're Lovely
  5. Toby Goodshank-Black Eye
  6. A Brief View of the Hudson-She Will Never Speak
  7. Jeffrey Lewis and Diane Cluck-The River
  8. Jason Trachtenburg-Anyone Can Tell (In the Rain)
  9. Kimya Dawson-Will You Be Me
  10. Masheen Gun Kelly-Don't Bug Me I'm On My First Cup
  11. Lowry-Boone's Farm
  12. Elastic No-No Band-Sally's Strut
  13. ThREe DrinKs tO LizZie-splash'o'gin
  14. Beau Johnson-Gypsy
  15. The Real Urban Barnyard-Pooper Scooper
  16. Dan Penta-Joyless Now
  17. Lach-Baby
  18. Dan Costello-M&M's (I Love You More)

CD 2[edit]

  1. Eric Wolfson-Sleeping is a Sucker's Game
  2. Griffin and the True Believers-Beautiful Weather
  3. Ivan Sandomire-Drunk Faeries
  4. Matt Singer-VHS
  5. Erin Regan-Your Mom's Car
  6. Paleface-I Don't Think I Like You (As Much As I Used To)
  7. David LK Murphy-Peace of Mind
  8. Dead Blonde Girlfriend-Velvet Coffin
  9. The Festival-The Ink Festival
  10. Ben Godwin-Terminus
  11. The Sewing Circle-Sewer Gators NYC
  12. Creaky Boards-I'm So Serious This Time
  13. The Bowmans-The Slumber
  14. Dan Fishback-Faggotssaywhat?
  15. Frank Hoier-I Can't Love You Anymore
  16. Debe Dalton-Ed's Song
  17. Urban Barnyard-Johnny's Kitchen


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