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The Australian Financial Review is a leading business and finance newspaper in Australia.

Fairfax Media publishes it in a compact format six days a week, Monday to Saturday, as well as online at and through an iPad app.

In August 1951, the Financial Review was started as a weekly newspaper. In October 1961 it became bi-weekly and became a daily publication in 1963. In February 1995, The Australian Financial Review Magazine was introduced, followed shortly by a website launch in June of the same year.

Since the 1970s, the Financial Review has been associated with economic liberalism in Australia, driving a consistent editorial line favouring small government, deregulation, privatisation, lower taxes and trade liberalisation. However, the opinion columns incorporate a wider range of views.

The Financial Review is informally referred to as the Fin or the Fin Review.

Its satellite publications include Financial Review Smart Investor, Financial Review Asset and BRW.

Financial Review Sunday - a TV program developed in partnership with the Nine Network - launched on May 5, 2013.

Two inserted monthly magazines come with the newspaper: the Financial Review Magazine and Financial Review BOSS.


Journalists writing for the Financial Review include Alan Mitchell and Laura Tingle.

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